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Want to become popular through online? You have landed on the right destination. Like Bill Gate said, “The Internet is Becoming the Town Square for the Global Village of Tomorrow. We Folks Analytica are here to achieve your vision and aim in the world of internet.

Build a Professional Website...

We are experts in the field of Website/Application Designing and development, provides an excellent and innovative business growth, which leads in a better online presence. Convert all your ideas into reality by developing a highly professional, user friendly, fast and high secured website and application.

Best digital marketing company in Kerala

Digital marketing is an inevitable tool in business marketing now. So there is a boom of digital marketing agencies in Kerala. Folks Analytica stand out among all these with their perfect digital craftsmanship and innovative thinking. If you are planning to learn digital marketing from best digital marketing agency in Kannur, Kerala, Folks Analytica will be a perfect choice. They are the best digital marketing company in Kannur.

Make your website growth with Next level visitor.

Search Engine Optimization is the technique used to enhance and optimize your website, It improves the quality and quantity of the website traffic.The website which has quality content, Links will rank on the top of the search result. We Folks Analytica Will helps you to make your website to be the best and which leads you to get better and improved traffic and a profitable business.

Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Marketing
Inbound Marketing

Explore our Digital Marketing Service

We, Folksanalytica marketing your products or services using all available digital marketing technologies on the Internet. Majority of marketers believe that traditional marketing is no longer sufficient for a sustainable business and Digital Marketing will help to increase their companies revenue. In this digital era, digital marketing not only using to market some products and services, but also using for online customer support through 24/7 services by make use of social media and other platforms. By this customer feel like supported and valued. We ensure your business have maximum visibility in online trough all available digital mediums.

Website/App Development

We design and develop website and application in several business fields which makes them a super assistant for you. We provide you a hassle free, industry standard and high-quality Websites and Applications according to your needs.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is the process of increasing the quality and quantity of website traffic by increasing the visibility of a website or a web page to users of a web search engine.

Search Engine Marketing

SEM is a powerful marketing technique where we place your business on the top of the search engine result, potentially increasing your business being accessed by 90% of overall searches.

Google Ads Management

We manage all types of AdWords Campaigns including Search advertising, Display advertising, Shopping Ads, Video Advertising, etc.

Social Media Marketing

According to american SMU report ,There are atleast 1.6 billion active users in the social media platforms and the number of people engaging in social media apps are booming up, a potential opportunity to boom your business too.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is based around the creation of unique and credible content for your website, blogs and landing pages. so the potential costumers find you through the channel like blog, website and social media.

E-Commerce Services

E-Commerce business is on the rise globally. Several companies have seen its growth from the sidelines. Folksanalytica digital marketing services guarantee 24 X 7 e-commerce solution for your business.

Email Marketing

Marketing through this channel is very effective and outshining way to market your business. Email Marketing converts the one-time customers into frequent buyers or frequent users of your business.

Discover the advantages of our Marketing Consulting services

  • Highly inspirational and motivated feature rich services.
  • Unique and creative ideas with real time customer interactions.
  • Professional and Experienced team with a strong technical and technological knowledge.
  • Highly professional services and client interaction and management.
  • Covenient in Customer relationship.
  • Avaliability and assistant at any moment.
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