E-commerce Services

E-commerce is the act of buying and selling of goods and services, via an electronic network, over internet. The e-commerce and e-business are used interchangeably. The term e-tail is also sometimes used to refer transactional processes around online retail.

Now a days many are into e- commerce because it has tremendous benefits. So E- Commerce website development will not go in vain. Some of the benefits  are availability, the speed of access, a wider range of goods and services, accessibility, and global reach.But  it’s regarded  downsides when sometimes because of limited customer service, not able to see or touch a product before buying , and the wait the entire time till  products ship.


E-commerce is powered by the internet, there customers can access any online store and place orders for products or services using  their own devices. When order is placed, the customer’s web browser will connect with the server hosting the online store website. Data regarding the order will then be transferred to a central computer and then forwarded to databases which manage inventory levels, a merchant system which manages payment information, and a bank computer before getting back with the order manager. This is to make sure that store inventory and customer funds are okay for the order to be smooth and properly made. After the order is confirmed, the order manager will inform the store’s server, which will then give a message showing  customer that their order has been successfully placed.

Types of e-commerce

1. Business to Business

In this type of E- commerce companies are doing business directly with each other. The final consumer is not included. Online transactions only involve the manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers etc. Examples for this will be online directories and product and supply exchange websites that allow businesses to search for products, services and information and to make transactions via e-procurement sites.

2. Business to Consumer

In this type company will sell their goods or services directly to the consumer. The consumer can access their websites and search for products. They place their order and the company ships the products  directly, examples are Amazon, Nyka, etc.

3. Consumer to Consumer

In this type consumers are in direct contact with each other. No company is involved. Here people sell their products directly to consumers. Examples are OLX, Quikr.

4. Consumer to Business

Here consumer gives products or service to the company. For example an IT freelancer who makes and sells his software to a company.


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